Storage Radioactive Stores


• Zone Power has years of experience designing and building radioactive stores units

• All units meet or exceed all industry safety standards

• Each unit is purpose-built for radioactive stores work

• Each unit is custom designed to meet owner’s requirements

• Full engineering and scientific resources are employed to assure that proper containment performance is met

Zone Power Radioactive Stores

Zone Power manufactures containers for the safe transport and storage of radioactive sources.

These are built specifically to meet customer requirements. Based on the prescribed emissions level and the type of source being used plus the volume of material needed to be stored, a custom solution will be provided.

Radioactive Materials Storage

The storage unit is designed from the inside out. Specific containment is determined and then the proper shielding is added to meet customer requirements. The completed unit can be fitted into a very rugged transport frame.

Acceptable materials include Americium/Beryllium (Am/Be) and Cesium (Ce). The store will easily accommodate calibration tools, emergency kits etc.

All Radiation Stores are manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN 12079 and can be fitted with various options such as acoustic beacons and buoys.

All Zone Power Radioactive Stores units are purpose-built for this function.

Product Details - Radioactive Stores

Radioactive Source Store

• Designed to meet most stringent security requirements
• External high grade pad locks
• Compliant with all aspects of Manual handling
• Main body and door filled high grade shielding material
• Additional Ceradyne thermal neutron shielding
• Separate source container with shielding for neutron and gamma logging sources
• Source container moves out on its own runners and crane lifted to rig floor
• Hydraulic or manual operated outer door
• Fire retarded
• Water resistant
• Storage for verifier & emergency kit
• Fitted with individual client specified G.P.S. locator
• CE marked

Specification Radioactive Store

• Designed to meet all necessary emission controls and standards

• Designed to contain NCB-YB, GCS-R and CNB-AB

• Approved by NRPB and certified by DNV

• Constructed to DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079

• Acoustic beacon and buoys fitted for sea transport