Storage Explosive Stores


• 20+ years of experience – customer expectation of consistently produced high quality product 

• Zone Power maintains regulatory certification therefore no delivery delays waiting for permits

• Built to standards above government mandated levels 

• Customized design to meet client needs

• Jettison platform system protects offshore rigs from potential explosion

• Complete package - options available
- alarm systems
- detonator boxes
- internal storage
- approved locks

Zone Power Explosive Stores

Zone Power has years of experience manufacturing purpose-built explosive storage containers that are suitable for both on-shore and off-shore environments.

Our storage containers are DNV certified and conform to DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN 12079 standards. Additionally, we are an approved HSE (U.K. Health & Safety Executive) manufacturer and adhere to U.K. HELA explosives regulations. HELA regulations specify details such as metal thickness, hinge strength, plate hardening to prevent locks being drilled and wood lining in storage compartments. Zone Power has additional standards for corrosion protection.

The containers have separate compartments for shaped charges, and prima cord and detonators. The compartments have a 1 foot void separating them.

These storage containers can be built in a variety of sizes. They are also transportable.
A jettison platform for off-shore applications is also available.

Product Details - Explosive Stores

Purpose-built Explosives Stores

Fabricated to meet all statutory UK HELA (Health and Safety Executive Local Authority
Enforcement Liaison Committee) regulations.
• Front loading main compartment with its own security system
• Separate detonator compartment – 1 foot void between with its own security system
• All compartments wood lined in accordance with regulations
• Approved ventilation
• Container type locking system fitted to both doors
• Approved high security mortise locks fitted as standard, additional pad locks are optional
• Fork truck pockets
• Earth Boss
• Anchor points hidden under wooden floor
• Weather proofed with door seals and drip rails
• Shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, and painted with 3 coat paint system
• Paint colour of clients choice
• 1,000 kg / 1 ton storage capacity
• Container size built to customer specifications
• Supplied with 4 point lifting sling


Note - for land-based units it is recommended that client uses their own security measures for cost and serviceability reasons