Masts Logging Masts – Heavy Duty Steel


• Masts are very durable

• Masts have excellent high wind performance

• Damage is easily observable

• Repairs are more easily performed

• All the logging load is taken on the lock pins, strictly mechanical

• Safety lock pins automatically extend and manually retract

• Hydraulic brakes for maximum safety

• Certified for Zone 1 and 2 use

• Superior longevity, serviceability and repair

Zone Power Logging Masts

Zone Power a market leader in the design and manufacture of Logging Masts. The company has been making logging masts since 1981. Zone Power manufactures both lightweight portable aluminum and heavy duty steel lattice masts.

Features - Heavy Duty Steel Lattice Masts

The heavy duty steel lattice logging masts are most often used on off-shore well sites. They are very strong and durable and are offered in heights of  75 and 90 feet.

Steel lattice masts offer several advantages. They have better high wind performance than solid masts. Any damage to the mast is easily observable. Moreover, repairs to a lattice mast are often easier to make than solid mast designs. Corrosion protection is also applied to every surface. 

The heavy duty masts are normally fitted with a seven ton winch plus two additional two ton winches. All are hydraulically operated.

All have automatically extending and manual extracting locking pins for safe scope-up and scope-down. All have fail-safe and antifreefall technology. All models have hydraulic braking.

A lightweight 75 foot Heli-Portable steel fly-in mast is also available.

A Zone 1 or 2 approved electric or pneumatic power pack is available as well as a remote or safe-area diesel option.

Also a Zone 1 and 2 tension and depth measuring device with elbow is available.

Product Details - Logging Masts – Heavy Duty Steel

Steel Lattice Masts

• Efficient electric or hydraulic power pack – Zone 1 and 2 approved
• Safe operations even in 50 mph winds un-guyed
• Properly guyed, the masts can withstand 130 mph winds
• 3 winch design for excellent performance
• Depth and tension measuring devices available
• Extra heavy duty shock mounted supports
• Zone 1 equipment is fitted as standard
• Hydraulics are air motor driven
• Alternative electric and diesel power packs available
• Optional racking arm available
• Tilt, scope and lock pins are hydraulically controlled from one panel
• Complete with set of rigging
• Full training and support available

Superior Safety Features - All Designs

• Fail-safe anti free-fall technology

• Automatically extending, manually retracting locking pins

• Hydraulic braking

• Certification

  • DNV classifications
  • ATEX Zone II
  • CE Marking
  • Class 1 Division 2
  • Class 1 Zone 2